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This interactive map shows the citizen initiatives in solidarity with migrants across every territory of France. These initiatives are shown in different categories:

• Hospitality
• Legal Support
• Education
• Social and Cultural activities
• Integration
• Health
• Food provisions
• Clothing provisions
• Housing accommodations
• Utility services
• Advocacy mobilization
• Storage space
• Language interpretation
• Information
• Rescue

There are two ways to search for a particular initiative: locating it on the map or using the directory to find the name of the city or category.

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Why did we create this tool?

To this day, there has not been a publicly displayed database of collaborative information on citizen initiatives in solidarity with migrants. This map finally allows us to see the precise growth of solidarity that is occurring in each region.

Thanks to this map, these actors in solidarity with migrants will be able to show to their political representatives, both locally and nationally, that the acceptance of migrants has created many initiatives that cannot be ignored.

This database was created with open source software and by the crowdsourcing of many volunteers and workers who make up the associations and collectives involved with “Sursaut Citoyen”.